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Revelation Project by Revelation Project


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Aug 11, 2014 10:01:16 PM
I can remember desiring this difficult to obtain album for a long time. So glad I was persistent!

This is one full CD=nearly 80 minutes. I love everything about it including: the music, vocals, lyrics, artwork, and production. Starts off with the end of the world as prophesied through the book of REVELATION. Texts are sprinkled throughout the album about end time events and warnings. This project paints a vivid and picturesque description through music and words of the last days. The album is cleanly divided at track 7 which marks the entry into heaven. The music and vocal styles are appropriate; heavy and dark in the first half followed by happy and triumphant in the last part. All metal, all excellent. Ends with the Doxology, how befitting!

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