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I Am A Stranger in This Place by The Violet Burning

"Fans of the Violet Burning, with their atmospheric, otherworldly, layered pop and Michael J. Pritzl's unique and evocative vocals, have for some years been wishing for a retrospective disc, especially since most of their earlier recordings are out of print. I Am A Stranger In This Place fits the bill perfectly, as some of the most beautiful songs from The Violet Burning, "Strength", and "Chosen" form the core of this compilation, with a couple of representative cuts from Demonstrates Plastic an Elastic and even a new composition, "Arabella", rounding it out. The kicker is that these are all new recordings of these previously-released songs." -GrassRoots Music


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Aug 1, 2014 11:47:12 PM
Female vocals in most songs. Jesus in some songs.
#3There is Nowhere Else
#4Arabic Tremolo Radio
#5She Says Electric
#8Song of the Harlot/My God, My Strength
#9As I Am
has lyrics

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