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This is their debut, released in 1992 on Frontline Records on a licensing deal with Viva Music. Composed of Bjorn Stigsson, formerly of Leviticus, and Sonny Larsson formerly of Motherlode.
All songs by Björn Stigsson except Everything is possible and White knight by Sonny Larsson.

Musicians: Sonny Larsson; All vocals Björn Stigsson; All guitars and keyboards. Michael Ulfsgärd; Drums Håkan Andersson; Bass and backing vocals Petra Stigsson; Backing vocals

Produced by Björn Stigsson and Sonny Larsson Recorded and mixed at Eagle One Studio and POL Music Studio. Engineered by: Niklas Windahl,
P-O Larsson and Magnus "MBee" Berggren. All programming and arrangements by Björn Stigsson Viva Records Sweden and Zero Corp. Japan.


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#2Looking for love
#3The rock in my life
#4All your love
#5Open your heart
#6 I'm in heaven
#7Theme of Händel
#8Everything is possible
#9 Call your name
#10Down the street
#11White knight
#12Standin' for Jesus Christ
#13Voices in heaven
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Nothing to see here

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