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Holy Psychotherapy by David Benson

David Benson: Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
Troy Edwards: Drums
Steve Green (2): Engineer, Mastered, Guitars
Lee Paddgett: Drums
Clay Stuckey: Songwriter, Guitar
Keith Trevor: Bass
Eddie West: Engineer, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums
Jim Whitehouse: Drums
Bryn Wilson: Guitars
Scott Ziegler: Bass


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Feb 8, 2014 01:18:08 PM
This has always been my favorite David Benson cd! He's a super guy in person too.

One More Chance (3:01)

Take me away from my prison cell
Because I don't like it in hell
I'm sorry for all the things I've done
Oh Lord give me just one

One more chance to change my life
I got caught up in all the strife
One more chance to follow through
One more chance to follow You

The things I've done they are hard to forget
My mind is filled with regret
Shreeks of pain pierce my heart
My life is torn apart

Thank You Jesus for all You do
You died for me I'll live for You
All it takes is but one glance
You've given me one more chance

Copyright 1994 David Benson

#1Holy Psychotherapy4:04
#2Ichabod (The Glory Has Departed)4:35
#3Harlot's Harvest3:01
#4One More Chance3:01
#7America Wake Up3:58
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