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Warrior by ArkAngel (US)


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Aug 2, 2014 09:38:47 PM
Here is a gem most in FS will never listen to even if it became widely available. Originally only 1000 vinly records were pressed, making that record one of the most sought after rarities in Christian music. Original vinyl have been known to fetch over $1000 USD.

This album set new standards for innovation at a time when many Christian artist were trying to imitate the sounds of secular performers.

The first half is soft soothing worship rock. I detect many instruments. Track 9 marks the transition into progressive rock. But nothing like bands they have been compared to. Makes me wonder why tracks 1-8 were not issued as a separate album originally. Track 12 is a pretty cool song about Noah's faith. Track 14 is a warning about anti-christ, it also happens to be the standout rocker.
Nov 11, 2014 03:08:19 PM
One of my all-time favorite albums (along with Kemper's The Vigil) - this is an amazing soft rock/praise masterpiece.

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