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For the Incomplete (reprint) by Soul Embraced

Blood & Ink release: BIR1003
UPC: 776098134728

Finally available again! Blood and Ink Records have made the smart move of reissuing this phenomenal album...with the demand for this album so high, we are very pleased with their decision! With new artwork by Dave Quiggle AND 2 bonus can't lose here!

Contains the entire "For the Incomplete" album, as well as 2 tracks from the "Fleshless" EP that didn't make it on the album. Comes in a slipcase w/ the same artwork as the sleeve, only stretched to fit the form factor.

Soul Embraced is:
Chad Moore - Vocals
Lance Garvin - Drums
Rocky Gray - Guitars

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Nathan Ritter at Crystal Recording Studios in Bryant, AR
Produced by Rocky Gray and Nathan Ritter
Re-Mastered by John Lecompt
All songs decomposed by Moore/Gray (c) 2000
Except tracks 8 through 13 by Moore/Gray/West (c) 2000
Soul Embraced appears courtesy of Solid State Records
Executive Producers: Mr. Vegas and Jamie Nester
All artwork and layout by Dave Quiggle c/o


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#2Screams Unseen
#3Ascend Into Thy Embrace
#4My Tourniquet
#5Forgiveness In Solitude
#6Devour Gomorrah
#8Sacrificium - Suffer No More
has lyrics

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