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Catatonia by Salem Hill

1) The Walking Dead
2) Real
3) Children Without Innocence
4) Facade And Charade
5) I Blinked
A) The Winking Dead
B) Peculiar People
6) Habit Without Heart
7) Catatonia
8) I Turn My Back On You
9) The Judgement
10) Peculiar People
11) Awake
A) The Waking Dead


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Apr 25, 2014 12:27:47 PM
A title from a prog rock band. Catatonia, more appropriately Catatonic would be better suited for a trance or emo band release. Admittedly, this didn't keep my attention as much as their first release but it is from from catatonic. There are heavy moments here and there but they have digressed or more properly progressed into a more mainstream direction as witnessed by so many other established prog bands. But on it's own, this it not bad.

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