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Ephemere by Rose Blossom Punch


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Haunted Church ()

You think you know everything about me
I could tell you now everything I'm thinking
And I promise you that you wouldn't know a word
To think you didn't see you were all alone next to me
All alone

Taking folding chairs up to the cathedral
Lying on the floor in a haunted church
Whining to the score that I couldn't need you more
If I fell into the sea you'd still be all alone next to me
still be all alone but next to me all alone

And every time I try to figure out the end
I couldn't see
I'm getting closer as the sand becomes a friend
I couldn't be
Oh my God I never thought I would remember
That you're still here when I open up my eyes

To think I didn't see you were all alone next to me
All alone

Copyright 1997 Rose Blossom Punch

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