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Plastic Surgery by Huntingtons


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Girls Gone Crazy ()

should of let go when i saw (?)
that girls got issues i don't wanna be next
in line for a ride i'm not tall enough for
when she showed me her purse i shoulda showed her the door

'cause she don't care about no one
and who knows when she'll come undone
oh won't that be alot of fun oh

she says she want's to get too know me better
(?) with a suicide letter
she smiled and said it's just a joke
but i don't think she's blowin' smoke

oh oh the girls go crazy
oh no i don't mean maybe
oh oh the girls go crazy
makes me wanna swear of love for ever
oh oh oh yeah

i saw her down at the market square
she called me over (?)

she lied and said she was (?)
but i don't think (?)
'cause that's no excuse why she's not sweet
she used to be a normal girl
but she's escaped to her own world
there's someone there she's gotta

Copyright 2000 Huntingtons

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