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When the World Sings by Fine China


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Comforting, Gonoliering ()

I never wanted anything but you, my love.
I never wanted anything.
I went to the edge, and threw my message to the sea.
My message to the sea.
And I promise you that I love you.
And I promise you that I care.
And I promise you, there will never be another.
Now we’re the proud, the young, we’re going to the top.
We’re going to the top.
I’ll give you the riffs, the notes, the beats within my mind.
The beats within my mind.

Copyright 2000 Fine China

#1 We Rock Harder Than You Ever Knew
#2Labor Saving Device
#3When The World Sings
#4They Will Love Us For Our Instruments
#5 Give Us A Treble
#6The Patient
#7 For All Centuries
#8Comforting, Gonoliering
#9 I Dropped A Bomb On Your Heart
#10Young And Having Fun
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