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You Make Me Hate Music by Fine China


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You Were A Saint ()

c'mon, c'mon, i was a nervous wreck so give me a chance
what about the days?
guess it didn't pay
you know, you know, it isn't funny when you make them afraid
you know crime don't pay
don't push all your friends away
and everyone i know seems paranoid,
they're thinking about the young old girls and boys,
everyone i know seems paranoid
you were a saint
you were our best friend
now you just ain't
we're falling apart
oh yeah, oh yeah, get education rule the world yes you can
you know i'm a fan
you know i'm a fan
you know, you know, i'm sick of talking like a desparate man
i've done all i can
and i've washed my hands

Copyright 2002 Fine China

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