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Ace Troubleshooter by Ace Troubleshooter

"This Midwestern melodic punk group's debut album features all of the best qualities of the band -- sweet but strong vocals, wonderfully incessant and spastic drumming, and a great Midwestern punk rock spirit-- gussied up with big time rock sound by producers and engineers Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton (All, Descendents)." -Tooth & Nail Records


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Yesterday ()

I remember a different time
I remember a different me
When there was springtime in my heart
But it's winter and I'm shivering with cynicism now
And I long for yesterday

Yesterday, a day of joy
A day of limitless possibilities
I remember a different boy
With love surrounding, joy abounding
Peace resounding
Where, oh where did that boy go?

What's wrong with me now, God
My world is gray
So please help me out, I pray
Cuz I want to live in yesterday

Take me back to a time of naivete
Never-ending days, and no need to question things
Cuz I'm tired of staring out my window
Wishing I were someone I should be
I guess I remember a different me

Copyright 2000 Ace Troubleshooter

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