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Ace Troubleshooter by Ace Troubleshooter

"This Midwestern melodic punk group's debut album features all of the best qualities of the band -- sweet but strong vocals, wonderfully incessant and spastic drumming, and a great Midwestern punk rock spirit-- gussied up with big time rock sound by producers and engineers Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton (All, Descendents)." -Tooth & Nail Records


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Yoko ()

You know who she is
You know what she does
Only I know what that girl's doing to you
You know who she is
You know what she does
Only I know what that girl
Is going to do to you

There's one for every band
Almost one for every man
If you're not careful
She'll eat you up
So please be careful

Yoko, Yoko
Nagging all the time
Wasting all his time
Yoko, Yoko
Be careful with that boy
Better be careful with that boy

She'll win you with composure
And perfect nonchalance
She'll lure you in and snag you
Make you think you're the Fonz
She'll get you in her clutches
Make you her confidant
She'll nag you and she'll drag you
Man you've gotta get rid of that debutante

She'll nag you to death
And by inches will suck all the life
That you somehow have left
Yeah it'll only be nag, nag, nag, nag

Copyright 2000 Ace Troubleshooter

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#71 Corinthians 13
#8Don't Trust That Girl
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