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Trial By Stone by 7-10 Split

Screaming Giant release: SG115
UPC: 026297121426


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Can't Take This ()

Don't forget that I'm right here I'm waiting for you
And I don't think this is fair
Time flies by and is dead, I think of those things you said
Why don't you get us out of this mess that we are in

I sit and wait, why are you so late, why do you waste my time
I watch the door, I can't take this any more
I'm sick and I have got to get out of here

It sometimes feels like you have lied, you are doing this all the time
I guess these things aren't important to you
You could have used the phone so I won't sit here all alone
That is what I get from a girl like you

You are the one and only, and I'm still lonely
I sit here by my self

Copyright 1999 7-10 Split

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