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Trial By Stone by 7-10 Split

Screaming Giant release: SG115
UPC: 026297121426


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Grind-Core Kid ()

Breaking up really hurts, she put this heart in the dirt, but I don't think she really cares,
When he looked up at the sky "God what is the meaning of my life, what will I do with it
I think I'll be a GRIND CORE KID"


A straight laced kid from New Jersey, I thought that he would surely get ticked off, shave his head, maybe even go "straight edge", he didn't like Minor Threat, he thought punk rock was dead, maybe he did not fit in, he wants to be a GRIND CORE KID

He bought himself a new guitar, now he wants to play his own grind core

God helps me crush boulders, that oppress my path
Red-eyed unrelenting power from the blood of the overseer
I'm branded, by the cross
Jesus Christ, stronger than strong
As I go, as I fight the wars, I go through this realm, this earthly realm,
I know that I shall overcome, cause Jesus You are my Savior
You help me rise, beyond force, the forces beyond what is physically known
As I see, As I go, I pray that You help me and others live for You
I'm branded, by the cross

(Matthew 16:17-19)

Copyright 1999 7-10 Split

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