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Trial By Stone by 7-10 Split

Screaming Giant release: SG115
UPC: 026297121426


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Unexplained Fear ()

There is a fear, that has you in tears
You have been like this for a couple of years
You try to run from what you can't explain
He knows about your fear, He even knows your name

It would be wrong if I said nothing more
I want to be with you and you shut your door
That's too bad, You were the best friend that I ever had
And now I love you even more

My faith in God is what makes you hate me
That seems odd, but now I can see
Why you act like this, you think you're an ATHEIST
You must believe in God, cause he is the one that you're afraid of

Are you afraid of what you cannot see? Are you afraid of me?

(2 Corintians 2:15-16)

Copyright 1999 7-10 Split

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