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MCM Sampler - Music for the Next Millennium, Vol. 1 by VARIOUS

MCM release: SMD6061 (LC 1139)
UPC: 026297606121

Sampler of the artists from MCM Music. The "bonus tracks" are 2 live tracks from Saviour Machine. These were recorded at the Christmas Rock Night in Ennepetal, Germany on December 5, 1998, and mixed/mastered by Mark Hannah and Eric Clayton at Magic Rat Music, June 19-25, 1999.


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Apr 26, 2014 03:25:50 PM
Sobering and encouraging intro by Pastor Dave of MCM. Provoking lyrics and curiously bold music in most songs. Cool that I was able to guess most of the artists without looking. 'Carnival of Souls' is strangely omitted but lesser songs by SM are included.
#1Introduction by Pastor Dave Hart3:38
#2Eva O - Stand before the Light2:58
#3Eva O - Blood Lust4:57
#4Rackets and Drapes - Home Street Home3:37
#5Rackets and Drapes - Disease of Me4:16
#6Narnia - Living Water5:07
#7Narnia - Long Live the King4:56
#8Wedding Party - War Memorial5:07
#9Wedding Party - Bury the Dead6:13
#10Saviour Machine - The Night5:10
#11Saviour Machine - Behold a pale Horse (classical mix)3:39
#12Saviour Machine - Gog (Death March)/The Invasion of Israel (live)9:00
#13Saviour Machine - The Whore of Babylon (live)5:12
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