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El Libro De Recuerdos by TwoThirtyEight


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Tales From Your Nightstand ()

Losing friends and missing lovers
Spending days beneath the covers
Buying time with every tooth inside your head
Being short with all the neighbors
Turning down their simple favors
They never understood you anyway
his is a pathetic little castle but as least your the king of it

This is your one obsession
You're most complete in your depression
Wooden eyes and ears for poetry
This is tragically romantic
So short and passing somehow endless
This is senseless to everyone but you

Copyright 2003 TwoThirtyEight

#1 Just Dropping (A Line)
#2To The Concerned
#3A Beautiful Disease
#4This Is Why I Wait
#5Suitcases For Always
#6Tales From Your Nightstand
#7You Made A Way For Moses
#8Far From Comfort
#9I'll Never Do That
#11Number Four
#13Stripped Of All
#14Chase What Make Your Heart Flutter
#15Subtle Sacrifice
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