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You Should Be Living by TwoThirtyEight

Released: October 8, 2002


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That Sad And Holy Glow ()

I saw it in the eyes of the checkout girl -
that sad and holy glow every blue-collar knows,
like the lit windows on my childhood street
where the deep, dark secrets of the family are kept.

Beneath the mire and stench of growing debt,
the deep, dark secrets of the family are kept.

Credit is a whore who won't wake up and leave,
but believe me I'm not sleeping with her anymore.
I don't want to be a slave, I just want to be free
and honestly I'm sick and tired of people chasing me

Copyright 2002 TwoThirtyEight

#1Modern Day Prayer
#2The Stick Are Woven In The Spokes Again
#3Forty Hour Increments
#4Romancing The Ghost
#5That Sad And Holy Glow
#6Step Into The Light
#7Sad Semester
#8I Pretend To Choke
#9Rhythm And Blues
#10The Bathroom Is A Creepy Place
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