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Moonlighting by Too Bad Eugene

Tooth & Nail release: TND38800
UPC: 724353880026

Released: November 19, 2002


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Nobody's Home ()

It's Winter time
The snow's falling as I rhyme
A fire's in the fire place
This home has an empty space

That's where you used to be with me, my love
The fires used to burn so bright and slow

The night's so old
I wake up alone, so cold
My love is gone for just one week
The pain so much I can't speak

When are you coming back to me my love?
The fires used to burn so bright and slow
Well, don't just be a memory, my love
Don't be leaving me tonight alone

It's been seven days
My brain's such a hazy maze
It's like before we had these rings
I don't like to think such things
But now you're coming home tonight
Your work's over now you're mine
And I will never let you go
Come on home

Copyright 2002 Too Bad Eugene

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