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Lose This Life by Tait

Released: November 4, 2003


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God Can You Hear Me ()

I've been here before
It's hard to ignore
I'm so used to fighting
The same old wars

Oh what do you see when your looking at me
Have I taken You for granted
I can't afford this pain anymore
Won't You help me understand it

God can You hear me
I need You here tonight
I'm tired of pretending that everything's alright
And I know, I know that You hold tomorrow
But I need You here tonight

I want to feel
I need something real
I want to go closer to You
I lay down my will

Oh this human disease it's killing me
Tell me have I been left stranded
I can't ignore this pain anymore
Won't You help me understand it

Say won't You say that
You'll carry me
Carry me through the storm
Won't You stay
Till the morning comes
Morning comes
Just stay

Copyright 2003 Tait

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