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The Ballads 1986-2001 (CD-R) by Rob Rock

Killer collection of ballads by one of the greatest voices in metal. Rob himself put this collection together and is selling it on his website, complete with the cover art as seen above. The track listing features songs from Rob's entire career and almost every project he has sang on. There are several rarities, like "Beautiful Lady" a song that only appeared on the Japanese version of 'Rage of Creation', "Forever Yours" that only appeared on the Japanese version of Impellitteri's "Crunch" and the excellent cover of Ozzy's "Goodbye to Romance". A few others, like Driver's "Only Love" have never appeared on cd as far as I know. Only complaint, I wonder why he didn't include anything off Angelica's debut. Perhaps it was because he didn't actually write any of that material and only sang on the album. Still there are some stellar ballads with Rob's signature vox on that disc. Otherwise, an awesome collection of tracks. Great to put on late in the evening when spending some alone time with the wife (if you know what I mean.).


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#2Blind Man" (4:39
#3"Beautiful Lady"4:13
#4"Goodbye to Romance"5:33
#5Falling Tears"4:40
#6 "I Believe In Love"5:28
#7Remembering You"5:09
#8Forever Yours"4:32
#9Cross to Bear"5:03
#10I'll Wait"5:09
#11"On and On"3:27
#12You An I"3:53
#13"Only Love"4:10
#14Eagle" [Acc. Version]6:26
#15Open Your Eyes"6:16
#16. "Forever"5:09
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