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Ticklewigglejigglepickle by Hot Pink Turtle

R.E.X. Records release 7901427132


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Apr 18, 2014 09:31:24 AM
So this is what turtle music sounds like. But not 'The Turtles', LOL. This is more like alterna groove. Not much memorable but I do enjoy the heavier moments and songs. Interesting song writing.

In-Hair-Brain ()

And time goes by. We're watching as the seasons change. And we will die. Nothing's gonna stop that now. And time goes by. There's no way we can rearrange. And we will die. Nothings going to stop that now. Time flies. See it rise. Is it in time? I see in m fathers eyes, something that surpasses time. A part of him is inside and that will never die. Now that time has passed, I have begun to see through his eyes. An as childhood slips away from me. If I don't live like every moment really matters. Then we will know our pain. Another moment passes. Another dream whispers by. Sometimes I can recall them. Sometimes they're lost into the night. And then a voice says to me, out of my TV. He says to buy my prayer cloth. He says its powers will set you free. Another voice says to me, out of that same old TV, it says to listen to me. He says my words will set you free. And then a voice inside me whispers through my brain. It says to listen to me. It says I'm more than this -- I'm saved.

Copyright 1993 Hot Pink Turtle

#2Flourescent Funk
#4A Lil' Groove
#5A Boat and His Boy
#8Guntistha Garden
#9Pickin' Berries
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