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Ticklewigglejigglepickle by Hot Pink Turtle

R.E.X. Records release 7901427132


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Apr 18, 2014 09:31:24 AM
So this is what turtle music sounds like. But not 'The Turtles', LOL. This is more like alterna groove. Not much memorable but I do enjoy the heavier moments and songs. Interesting song writing.

Myisci ()

Oh I feel like I'm a child. My mind is running wild. He looks on silently. Sitting here waiting for my ride. Just trying to pass the time. Her eyes fall onto me. Now both their eyes look into me. They act like they can see the thoughts inside my head. And though I know I'm not a child, my mind is running wild. I need a place to hide. Then a voice said open up to me, I can see inside your mind. A voice said lay it out for me, how is it you spend your time? My thoughts unfold before this jury. I would erase these things I've done. And though my soul is now so calloused. I feel the weight of what I've done. Well we can see inside your mind and we can see it all so clear. And we are looking deep inside and you are not how you appear. If you don't listen to these thoughts that we are putting in your head, then you will wind up dead. These people sitting here before me. Their gazes fixed upon my face. I am so frightened of their verdict. Inside my mind I cannot fake. Im my minds eye, I can 't find a place to hide. In my minds eye. But in God's eyes, I have no reason to hide. In God's eyes, I am beautiful inside.

Copyright 1993 Hot Pink Turtle

#2Flourescent Funk
#4A Lil' Groove
#5A Boat and His Boy
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