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Ticklewigglejigglepickle by Hot Pink Turtle

R.E.X. Records release 7901427132


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Apr 18, 2014 09:31:24 AM
So this is what turtle music sounds like. But not 'The Turtles', LOL. This is more like alterna groove. Not much memorable but I do enjoy the heavier moments and songs. Interesting song writing.

Flourescent Funk ()

Little Ed says watch your head 'cause they have too many lungs and altogether they outscream him. They outscream him most the time. I've spent so muuch time evaluating and then the noise just toasts every word, and thought, and deed. Just plain old toasts it. So listen up. Listen up. If Jesus doesn't exist, why do we feel the way we feel? Wop bop you drop down to the floor because you do not understand what the book is for. The old man looked at you and said, he said I do not really care what it is you did. Because I died once so you could live more and why you cannot comprehend I do not even know. Why does this message just keep bouncing off your mind-waves like it isn't for this time. Hey this is me and I'll keep screaming over and above the noise until you hear something worth hearing, not from me but from another one. Above us who is watching over us. Above the noise that is surrounding us. I will keep screaming I'll forever fight the noise. So birds and fish have rights? And tears fall from their eyes when I don't treat them right? It makes me feel like... When babies do not have the chance to live or sing or run or dance, to fail succeed or anything? That's wrong and it makes me feel like... Well I don't see why people are so blind that they'd treat fish over a child. I don't understand that and it makes me feel like...

Copyright 1993 Hot Pink Turtle

#2Flourescent Funk
#4A Lil' Groove
#5A Boat and His Boy
#8Guntistha Garden
#9Pickin' Berries
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