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On Earth As It Is In Heaven by Babylon Mystery Orchestra

This is a story that has occupied my mind for 20 years. I first encountered it back in 1983 when I was doing a heavy metal radio show for the college station at the University of Alabama. I saw a poster with the words "Rock and Roll Hell" hanging all over campus. It was for one of those little gathering where a group of well meaning Christians attempts to "educate" others on their perception of the evil in rock music. When I saw the poster I couldn't resist giving them some free promotion on the show and I encouraged the listeners to attend. You never realize just how popular these metal shows are until you try something like this. The place held somewhere around 300-400 people. It was paced, wall to wall, with metalheads. Needless to say they had a rough time with this crowd.

Their speaker was at least reasonably well informed about the then-current scene. I was impressed he actually knew about venom, demon and angelwitch. It was not shocking when first mentioned that rock music was actually an ancient music form. How often have we heard about the blues' voodoo connection? But he had a different message. He spoke of Noah's flood and how rock music was there before the flood. Having grown up attending a baptist church every Sunday I immediately dismissed it as nonsense. I knew the Bible, and this wasn't in it. Yet he was adamant about it. Unfortunately he did not go into enough detail as to where this came from. This may have been due to the unruly audience. You had to be there.

I did find it though, in texts well known to the religious scholars. The result is here in this recording. The story of a musical form that clearly by description could be called rock music. The parallels with the modern world are undeniable. Music's association with intoxicants, sex, violence, outrageous clothing and even tattoos are clearly spelled out. Coincidence? Always we have musicians defend their music and behavior by claiming they are a "reflection" of society. This story drives a stake through the heart of that argument.

Is this story true or simply another ancient myth? It is found in texts that are said to be included in the famous dead sea scrolls. These are supposed to be the oldest known surviving manuscripts of the old testament. Are these texts as valid as any in the Bible as we know it? Many of you will say no because you believe it's all nonsense. That's fair. I am not trying to prove anything here. I only wish to convey the story. However, it is interesting to note how important music has become in our society. Though most of history you could easily pass through life never or very rarely experiencing music, especially music played with instruments. Music was an art for the few, the elite. Only twice has it ever thoroughly infested a society to the point where it effortlessly influences every aspect of people's lives. This current time, and in this pre-flood world of Noah's time. If the music of that day was used as a means to a very diabolical and disastrous end, what, praytell, could it's purpose be today?

Something to consider.
Sidney Allen Johnson


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Jul 30, 2014 11:30:47 PM
All of BMO albums clock in at about one hour starting with this debut. All have mighty doom and mightier lyrics. Vocals remain a constant. All have a general theme. This album contains the most Christian encouragement in addition to the usual dark side warnings.

Track 8 has the boldest and most witty lyrics. "We are the weapon of mass destruction, poised to put an end to corruption".
Track 11 instrumental sounds like something Sabbath could have done.
#2Semjaza's Song6:33
#4A Celestial Kiss4:06
#5Receive, Trust And Believe5:05
#6Ravishing Music5:47
#8War Anthem5:55
#9One Man4:07
#10Heaven Can Wait5:34
#11And The Water's Prevailed4:01
#12Rainbow's End5:02
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