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Sin Disease by Scaterd Few

Alarma release: FLD9218 (CD09218)
UPC: 026297921828
SPCN: 7-5126-0894-2

Release in conjunction with Frontline.

Produced by Terry Taylor & Ramald Domkus with Omar Domkus
Recorded by Gene Eugene
Mixed by Everybody


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Feb 3, 2014 02:25:15 PM
Very original and creative. Nice album cover too.
Sep 23, 2015 08:38:59 PM
A ground breaking album for Christian Punk. Authentic and Raw music, which was very rare in 1990

Wonder Why (1:17)

Street stalker und cover of night
Paranoia carries a knife
Shut doors that lead to in
Better open or you'll see in the end
An uncinquered few or an eternal fire
I wonder why I try when I see you

Reject his authority
Jehovah-shammah loves you and me
He's knocking at your door
Don't resist him any more.

Copyright 1990 Scaterd Few

#1Kill the Sarx1:23
#2While Reprobate1:39
#3Beggar 2:20
#4Lights Out 2:46
#5Later (L.A. 1989) 3:34
#6Groovey 2:51
#7Glass God (No Freedom in Basing)2:04
#8As the Story Grows 1:25
#9U 1:50
#10A Freedom Cry 2:27
#11Scapegoat 1:14
#12Wonder Why 1:17
#13DITC 1:26
#14Self 1:11
#15Look Into My Side 3:52
#16Kill the Sarx II (Apocalypse)6:55
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