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The Gospel According To Barnabas by Barnabas

A CD compilation of "Approaching Light Speed" and "Feel The Fire", minus the song "Hearts". Interesting to note that the tracks appear in order of "Feel the Fire" and "Approaching Light Speed", even though the albums were released in reverse order chronologically. Also of note is the mix of "Breathless Wonderment" on this album is the same as was used for the Heaven's Metal CD/Cassette boxset release.

The tray card says "Digital remixes by the Pakaderm Company" and that the material was "Remixed from the original 24-track masters". Unfortunately the mix was a bit flat & cold, not having the fullness of the original. It's unclear if "the Pakaderm Company" refers to John & Dino Elefante of Pakaderm Records fame or not.


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Aug 11, 2014 09:54:22 PM
Most of us ''old time rockers" have listened to this album or these songs so many times that it's like being part of the family. I can't emphasize enough how strongly this band and these songs helped breakdown barriers. Many years later, this album actually sounds tame compared to bands and music that followed. Brian Belew was ahead of his time on the guitar.

The song 'Stormclouds' is still so catchy. One of the most perfect Christian songs written of all time.
'Waiting for the Aliens' is quite sobering.
Track 14, "Rock and roll is here to stay!!!" They knew it then, we know it now. Thank you Barnabas for being one of the mighty pioneers.
#1No Freedom
#3Follow You Up
#4Northern Lights
#6If Love Brings Love
#7I. Prelude
#8II. The Dream
#9III. Breathless Wonderment
#11Feel the Fire
#12Waiting for the Aliens
#13Hammer and Sickle
#14Never Felt Better
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