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The Azrael Tales by Mirador

Rivel release: RRCD018
UPC: 7320470049600

"The new Swedish band called MIRADOR and their debut album named The Azrael Tales shows wonderful and great epic heavy metal with strong Scandinavian roots. You can hear musical elements from bands like CANDLEMASS, QUEENSRYCHE & BLACK SABBATH. The production is great and it creates a mysterious and adventures atmosphere for the listener. Jakob Forsberg´s voice is working perfect together with Erik Mjörnell´s heavy guitars mixed with great choir arrangements. The Azrael Tales is one of the great jewels we will found during 2005 when we are looking for great new metal music." - Rivel records


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Aug 6, 2014 08:14:52 PM
Totally cool metal, words, & vocals. This kicks Azrael Tale!!

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