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New Jerusalem (Bulletproof) by New Jerusalem


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Apr 19, 2014 02:18:01 PM
Excuse the description but I consider this to be my personal 'Holy Grail' of all Christian classic rock releases. Not that this is so difficult to obtain but such a pleasurable and holy listen.

Led Zep comparisons are unanimous from all the reviews and friends that have listened to this project. I will agree that this does sound more like Zep than anything else in the vault. But I would compare them more to the so called Zep clones like Zebra, Great White, etc. But NJ is 100% Godly in their Lyrics, BIG DIFFERENCE. I feel that New Jerusalem has succeeded in having their own sound, I hear no "borrowed" riffs, least not note for note. Randy's vocal style is quite similar but not a ringer for Robert Plant. On track 3, I can't help but think about Robert Plant and his harmonica. Only tracks 1 and 3 remind me of the heavier (middle) years of the mighty Zep. Most of the remainder songs remind me of Zep's final 2 studio releases.
#1Living in the Light
#2Take Me Home
#3Judgement Day
#5You are My Life
#6Final Stand
#8Hail Tonight
#10A Melody, a Symphony, A Song
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