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Faster Than The Speed Of Light: Very Best of Impellitteri by Impellitteri

Japanese version released by JVC


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May 11, 2014 10:24:47 AM
This is THE Imp album to own if you have to make a choice of just one.

Track 1-'Enter the Freak Show 'is about the lifestyle of stardom.

The album ends with 'Cyberflesh'; a warning to the dangers of the convenience of internet porn.
Jun 7, 2014 11:47:47 PM
Recommended for Impellitteri beginners, if you know what I'm saying!
#1 Freak Show (Unreleased from the Crunch era);
#2Victim Of The System (from "Victim Of The System");
#3Beware Of The Devil (from "Crunch");
#4Rock & Roll Heros (from "System X");
#5Perfect Crime (from "System X");
#6Spanish Fire (from "Crunch");
#7 Rat Race (from "Screaming Symphony");
#8Warrior (from "Screaming Symphony");
#9Cross To Bear (from "Victim Of The System");
#10 Stand In Line (from "Stand In Line");
#11When The Well Runs Dry (from "Grin And Bear It");
#12Power Of Love (from "Grin And Bear It");
#13Shed Your Blood (from "Eyes Of The Hurricane");
#1417th Century Chicken Pickin' (from "Screaming Symphony");
#15Hungry Days (from "Answer To The Master");
#16Lost In The Rain (from "Impellitteri");
#17Anti Social Disease (New Song);
#18Texas Nuclear Boogie (from "Crunch");
#19Cyberflesh (Unreleased from the Crunch era)
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