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Teenage Politics by MxPx


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The Opposite Of Intellect ()

it seems so hard to get away from last week and yesterday
i have to sit right here and watch it all go by
is this really happening?
maybe this is just a dream
when i wake up ill be someone else
i don't want to grow up, not just yet
i don't wanna have to see your false sence of reality
i don't wanna grow up, not just yet
i don't wanna have to know how to play in your game show
just don't ask me if you're getting thru to me
just don't tell me the way that you want me to be
you say ill fit nicely in society
you only took a superficial look at me
why can't i say i'm sick of you?
is it wrong to say what's true?
i'm skeptical about your point of view
teaching us not to reflect, the opposite of intellect
don't resist authority and you'll be fine
you don't want me to speak my mind.

Copyright 1995 MxPx

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