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The Yellow And Black Attack (EP) by Stryper

The album that started it all for Stryper. The original 6 song EP.

The true first vinyl pressing of The Yellow & Black Attack is catalog # E-1064. This particular pressing featured a slightly misprinted cover. The image on the cover was enlarged to the point where the "hand of God" is almost completely missing and the letters are not visible on Robert Sweet's rocket. This pressing also does not have a bar code on the back cover. The more common pressing has the corrected cover, a barcode on that back cover and is catalog # 71064-1.The cover art posted to the left is the second pressing of this album.

These songs were later remixed and re-released (and in some cases, overdubbed) with 2 additional tracks and new artwork.

This original mix, which is generally considered heavier and rawer than the remix, was never officially released on CD in the U.S. and Europe, although it was released in Japan.

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