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Show No Mercy by Bride

"Show No Mercy" was Bride's first album. It was recorded for Pure Metal Records. Consisting of nine songs, "Show No Mercy" was a gothic rock album that was representative of music from that time. Being a first album, Show No Mercy was a low budget project which was to receive little attention from the record company. It was recorded in Bride's home town of Louisville, KY. The members of the band were:

Dale Thompson - Vocals
Troy Thompson - Guitars
Steve Osborne - Guitars
Stephan Rolland - Drums
Scott Hall - Bass

"Show No Mercy" had quite a bit of success back in the day and it really helped Bride into the Christian Rock and Metal scene. It was remastered and re-released on CD, in 1999 on Millenium Eight Records with 7 bonus tracks.


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Feb 12, 2014 08:13:24 AM
the first album by Bride is heavy but with a dark felling, most of the songs are good but others fall because seems unfinished songs, and the voice of Dale in this one sometimes annoited you with all the screams that seem like out of place in some songs. Overall humble beginnings for one of the best bands.
Mar 11, 2014 09:07:14 PM
Only found here, those 7 earliest songs of legendary Bride are not goth like their 'Show No Mercy' album, more like "pop metal". 'Butterfly' has a Beatles like intro & outro. Signature guitar greatness from Troy. 'Fright' sounds like early Quiet Riot. 'Look at Me Now' is the most Godliest.
May 2, 2014 07:02:33 PM
Still have the vinyl... wasn't my favorite, but a classic
Aug 17, 2014 08:54:37 PM
Definitely not Matrix anymore. The music changes up from song to song but Dale stays ridiculously high-pitched. I would love for Bride to re-record these early day songs with the way Dale sings in recent years. Pretty cool guitar solos in the middle of most of the songs. Several of these songs can be seen on their 2004 'Bride Metal' DVD.
Nov 19, 2014 10:47:17 AM
A decent debut by Bride, but far away from their next to albums. Dale's high pitched over-the-top voice is a little annoying on this CD, but it still has some really good stuff.

"Evil That Men Do", "Forever In Darkness", "Thunder In The City" and "First Will Be Last" are my favorites. The title track's pretty good too. Songs like "Fly Away" and "Follw Your Heart" never hit it off for me.

I give this 4 stars.
#1Evil That Men Do3:37
#2Now He Is Gone3:49
#3Fly Away4:12
#4Forever In Darkness3:43
#5Follow Your Heart4:29
#6Show No Mercy3:36
#7I Will Be With You4:29
#8Thunder In The City5:53
#9No Matter The Price4:18
#10The First Will Be Last4:07
#11I Can Fly Now (1999 reissue only)
#12What Must I Do (1999 reissue only)
#13Butterfly (1999 reissue only)
#14Missing Children (1999 reissue only)
#15Fright (1999 reissue only)
#16Look At Me Now (1999 reissue only)
#17No Matter The Price [demo] (1999 reissue only)
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