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Point Of View by Damask Rose

Aluminum Records release: 8-02419-00062-2 (Same as UPC)

Coming out of the West Coast hard music tradition, the California-based trio Damask Rose rocks with the amps all the way up, and the drums and bass thumping loud. But along with their mastery of the classic hard rock sound, they add some thoroughly modern grooves, and they mix things up with some acoustic rockers and a couple mellow ballads. The songs are straight-forward, and they deal with truth and the Christian life in a way that is meant to convict and convert the listener.


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#1I Am Waiting
#2Do You See
#3Glory Train
#4Point of View
#6Because of Me
#7Wipe My Tears
#8Sometime Girl
#9Where I Belong
#10Far Away
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Nothing to see here

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