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Live To Die by Bride

"Live To Die" was Bride's second album and was released in 1988 under Pure Metal. It's a very hard driving Heavy Metal outing. It was much more successful than its predecessor. The members of the band were the same
except for the addition of a new bassist.

Dale Thompson - Vocals
Troy Thompson - Guitars
Steve Osborne - Guitars
Frank Partipillo - Bass
Stephan Rolland - Drums

Bride got to record this album at Grand Slam studio in West Orange, New Jersey. This studio was used to record some of Bon Jovi's early efforts. At the end of the record, after the song "Heroes", there is an awful noise which many have equated to the sound of demons (No one in Bride has ever heard a demon and can not attest to the similarity in sound). This was disturbing to many Bride fans who was not prepared for it; since it did appear after a sizable pause. The noise was simply the producer, John Petri, playing the inside of a piano while howling like Yoko Ono. He made it a point to wake the band up in the morning by making this hideous sound. The band thought the noise was funny, not scary, and wanted it on the album as a reminder of the fun they had in the studio.

Retroactive Records release a remastered edition of this album in a digipak format in 2011


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Feb 12, 2014 08:16:40 AM
Awesome second album by Bride this one is heavy in your face and has also thrash metal influences, this is one of those Cd that you will listen over and over again, the songs are very fast and never give you a breath. Great work , the only problem is that is a little short, more songs could be welcome.
May 2, 2014 07:04:07 PM
Double bass drum! Classic album, and really blew me away way back when. Still have my original vinyl on this too.
Nov 19, 2014 11:01:35 AM
Fantastic album. My favorite, by far.

I'm born after this album, and was introduced to this band about 10 years ago. I got hold of "End of the Age", and the three songs from this album really stood out for me. I remember I just had to get hold of this CD, no matter what. When I finally got my copy, I was so so pleased with it. Dark and heavy metal from start to end.

I think the best songs are "Metal Might", "Hell No", "In The Dark", "Out For Blood", "Fire & Brimstone" and "Heroes". That was almost all of them lol, I just can't choose just a couple. If I had to choose one song, I think I'd go with "Heroes". Such an epic song. It's brilliant in every way. In fact, I'm gonna listen to it right now! Sets the tone with an exciting and scary intro. Bride really knows how to make an atmosphere. And the way it goes from "Heroes!!" to "He rose!!!" in the end is really clever.

The guitar work of Troy and Steve Osborne was immense throughout this album. Fantastic sound as well! So many fantastic guitar soloes. Love it love it love it!

The whole album is just non stop heavy metal with no fillers, no ballads, just head banin from start to end. I even like the funny speed metal song "Here Comes The Bride". It's also really cool that the band pushes towards thrash/speed metal on this album. The only complaint I have for this album is that it is a little short, should've had a couple more songs. Maybe.

5 stars, no doubt! Can't believe this only has 4 stars from 74 votes!

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