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Cynical Limit (Re-Issue) by Cynical Limit


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War Keeps Raging ()

Sea of dreams
Lost it seems
Gone with the tide
Taken by the storm
But in the wake of it all there's still more

Holding true
In a sea of blue
Color has changed
But it looks as it did before
Still the conflict engages
A heart that is breaking

Need to feel like there's something here
Hear the voice and not feel the stare
Hold the torch for a chance to see
Making light in a darkened dream

On the line
Where the wounded cry
Battles carry on
Cause deep inside
Where the pain resides
Seems like hope has gone

On the line
Where the hopeless try
Every night is long
Looking through the eyes
Of broken ties
The war keeps raging on

Fighting to stay
In the light of day
Losing the vision
Of dreams from the night before
But it keeps coming back more and more

Coming true
Like dreams sometimes do
Make believers of men
With nothing to prove
Cause the spirit enables
A heart that's been waiting

Copyright 2004 Cynical Limit

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