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Cynical Limit (Re-Issue) by Cynical Limit


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Cynical Limit ()

In an ordinary time
Wasted pleas make for
Unordinary crime

Blind, a fight that goes unseen
Corruption prevails
With justice inbetween

Now, so it's the sentencing
That breaks the spirit
And 25 to life's the limit
Becoming more each day a cynic
Pleaing for appeals to right the way

Authority has stripped away the meaning
All is lost inside I'm screaming
Reality is slipping mainly
Because each day to day seems all the same

Voice of fear
Warning as I approach my cynical limit
No one here
To give me comfort and heal the pain
Drawing near
The face that I will take on when I make the decision
Choice is clear
Survivals gotta come into play

When the ordinary cry
By man made injustice
The light of hope will die

Sought, by those who crave the need
A justice prevails
In realms that go unseen

Now, so it's the menacing
Of men who hear it
And all who try to break their spirit
Becoming more each day a cynic
Laying there in wait for other prey

Society has all condemned the witness
A losing case has now no basis
Committing more each day the chase is
Coming to an end just like you said...

Copyright 2004 Cynical Limit

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