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Cynical Limit (Re-Issue) by Cynical Limit


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Choices ()

Time, honestly
Is my friend for a season
I watch go on by
This friend of mine, for no good reason

Why, honestly,
Do I blame my decision
I'm still as free
To travel roads my mind's eye's never seen

But I thought the time had passed
So I had let it go
Forgetting me, not giving me any hope
Dreams I've seen
Passion wouldn't let me go
And now I see....

All of the choices...
I need to make one now
Gotta work it out somehow
To keep alive, the hope, the dream
The faith I believe...
Need to turn this thing around
Break the chain of fear that's holding me now
And the time to make a change has come around

I realize and awaken
Fight for harmony
Another chance that's all worth taking

I, honestly
Live the need for elation
I still believe
That I can get to where I want to be

Copyright 2004 Cynical Limit

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