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Cynical Limit (Re-Issue) by Cynical Limit


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Motives ()

Come full circle again
It seems there's no protection
I'm suffering friends of fools
With nothing much to say

All your comments are made
With nothing but poor intentions
Your motive is clear
I plainly see it as attacking me for nothing more than selfish gain

Oh, I feel, I hurt, I bleed
Now, I see, you turn, It's real
Gone, the need, to make, appeals
It's all, the same, to me, just take it with you

I can see it all
Motives make the call
As I walk away
I wonder what you're thinking

Now that reason is clear
There's no need for objection
The startling voice of fear
Is coming into play

Long from wisdom
Are the words that you have spoken
Your motive is clear
You need to think before you speak and weigh the words of what you're gonna say

I can see, I believe, can I make it
I am me, I can see, I believe it
Can you see, are you real, really make it
Makin' the deal, are you really gonna pay

Copyright 2004 Cynical Limit

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