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Cynical Limit (Re-Issue) by Cynical Limit


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It'll Be Alright ()

Late at night, the wheels are turning
I'm wondering why, how did we arrive
At a place in life that never did unfold

But I believe we can still achieve
From the life we are living to the one we've dreamed
Cause the future has not all been set in stone

Could it be the night
That heaven is opened
Would it be alright
If it started to rain
Could it be the night
For hope we've been given
To come and prepare the way
To bring us to where we can say
It'll be all right

Long ago on a different shoreline
Of dreams we'd had for what laid in store
But the ocean washed away the trail we'd left behind

Let's start again, where the path had end
And just carry on with a different plan
Cause the future's all we make it, all our own

Copyright 2004 Cynical Limit

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