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Snakes In The Playground by Bride

"Snakes In The Playground" is the most popular album that Bride has ever done so far. With a new producer, Plinky, the band had a new set of songs and an attitude to make a great record. The band members did not change for this album.

Every song on "Snakes In The Playground" was a screamer. High energy rock'n'roll from beginning to end. This album won the band two DOVE Awards in two different years for the songs "Rattlesnake" and "Psychedelic Super Jesus". This album broke a lot of ground in the Christian rock scene by exploring new territories musically and concentrating on social themes lyrically. Star Song really got behind this record and pushed it to the resellers and to radio. Bride has gotten a lot of mileage out of "Snakes..." as it continues to sell well. It's truly an important CD in Christian rock/metal.

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Nov 19, 2014 04:16:14 PM
Well. 116 votes and still 4,5 stars says it all really. This is a classic rock album. It is Bride's most popular album, and I can see why. It really rocks!

I actually liked the 80's heavy metal of Bride better, but in the new "era" this is by far Bride's best. Sounded a little like Guns'n'roses this album, but that's okey. I think Bride does it better with this one! "Rattlesnake" hits you straight in the face with it's intensity and Dale's intense screams, I think that's my favorite tune. Other standout song for me is "Psychedelic Super Jesus", "Fallout" and "Dust Through a Fan".

Overall one of the best hardrocking albums out there, in my opinion.

4,5 stars for this one, almost a fiver.

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