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Scarecrow Messiah by Bride

"Scarecrow Messiah" was the third album in a series of three for Star Song. In seeing that this was the last album that Bride was contracted to due for Star Song, Star Song began to put a lot of pressure on Bride to re-sign to another multiple album record deal. Unfortunately, the deal that Star Song offered Bride was no better than their current one, and Bride felt their worth had gone up since the popularity of "Snakes In The Playground". There were many delays in recording and releasing this album. Bride actually went to California and started recording "Scarecrow Messiah" with producers John and Dino Elefante without Star Song's consent. Once the project was under way, Star Song had no choice but to sanction the project and start paying the bills for it. Although this album was widely accepted by the Bride audience and won Bride a DOVE Award for Metal Album of the Year, it made no in-roads to reach additional fans. Once again, Bride felt it was time to change their musical style alittle. The line-up for this album was the same as for the last two releases.

Star Song

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Nov 19, 2014 04:23:28 PM
It was never easy for the Thompson brothers to follow up such a great album as "Snakes In The Playground", but they did a pretty good job after all. I quite like this album! Certaintly better than "Kinetic Faith" and the next few ones. This album has it's own sound, as most albums do, but it also have some great songs. "Beast", "Scarecrow" and "One" is fantastic songs that really rocks. But the album is solid all the way through, IMO, all the songs are either good or very good (maybe without the little "rap" song at the end lol).

4 stars for this. Really good CD this. I say it's their 2nd best of the 90's.

Time (4:16)

Got a raindrop of the tip of my tongue
If I get all I want I'll have to give you some
I'm the beggar, the thorn in the brow
I'm the cross you force and twist into the ground
Butter so stiff that it wounds my bread
Got a dew drop omelette on a trash can lid
Ain't got no loafers to warm my feet
Funny papers stimulate comic strip heat
Crack vial breaking like a shotgun blast
How long can the sounds of a cat fight last
Howling at the moon for friends who have passed
On sunday we'll fly black flags from the mast
I've been hurting deep in my soul
Does anybody have the time Holy Ghost
Diesel is the smell of a mississippi grill
Played trombone once for a delta dollar bill
Pull the snow around me snug like a blanket of wool
If I lie here to freeze to death I'd be another fox hole fool
I got nothing new it's used, borrowed, and spent
Good friday, ash wednesday, and a pocket full of lent
Living in a box of cardboard and grit
Made a window, made a sign
Wouldn't mind working a little bit
I've been hurting deep in my soul
Does anybody have the time Holy Ghost
I can't sleep, I can't think
Life has pured me a glass that I can't drink
The rim is jagged like a razor's blade
And has left a scar that will never fade
My thoughts are daggers on every nerve
Life is a slow song with dirty words
When I get to heaven will I wear a mask
That is a question I must ask
I've been hurting deep in my soul
Does anybody have the time Holy Ghost

Copyright 1994 Bride

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