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Little Foxes by Barnabas

1986 Lexicon Music
Vinyl SPCN: 7115708967
Vinyl UPC: 019634089619

This was one hell of a time, recording these songs. We weren't getting along with each other very well then; in fact we really didn't even rehearse this record much. We just went into the studio and wheezed around with the basics until we got something that was good enough to keep, and went on from there. Brian was a little upset about the lack of rehearsal, and rightfully so. It's clear from his performance that he was prepared; the guitar work on "Foxes" is some of the best he ever gave us. Gary was right on time too, as always.

In case anybody ever wondered... That really is Adolph Hitler at the beginning of "Auschwitz '87". The killer sax solo in "Lover" was performed by a session guy named Chris Hicks. He came in, listened to the track, knocked off three versions, and left.

My world-view has grown quite a bit since those strange, tumultuous days with Barnabas, and if I were to write a set of lyrics for yet another Barnabas project, they would be nothing like these. This work was the fruit of those times." - Kris k., San Diego, CA, 7.19.97


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Jun 26, 2014 10:04:05 PM
A vital part in developing the first wave of the Christian metal sound. Here, some 9 years after forming, Barnabas has finely tuned their sound. At times this reminds me of Wendi Kaiser at her hardest, Nancy Jo rawks! The last song seems out of place both musically and lyrically.

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