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Approaching Light Speed by Barnabas

Light Records release (vinyl) LR 5829
No UPC on original vinyl.

M8 re-issue contained an alternate recording of "All Alone" (from "Little Foxes"), and improved mastering over the previous "The Gospel According to Barnabas" release, as well as a poor scan of the artwork surrounded in the standard M8 "gold bar" outline.

Recorded August-September 1983 at Triad Studios, Des Moines Iowa.
Engineered by Tom Tucker
Additional technical assistance by John Hurst
Produced by Barnabas and Tom Tucker

One of the two best Barnabas albums, by popular acclaim,
and another landmark recording, in every sense.


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Jun 20, 2014 08:45:03 PM
Grand opening to a classic. I haven't pulled this out for a LONG time and was still nicely rewarded. I forgot how good this sounds. Back in the day, this was one of the hardest hitting releases. Now, I am strongly reminded of Wendi Kaiser. Wendi is more coherent. Approaching Light Speed came out at the same time that REZ Band amped things up too. Would have been wonderful to see Barnabas play with REZ. I am blessed by the lyrics of the last song.

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