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Oddities by Bride

"Oddities" is one of the most diverse recordings that Bride has made. It contains all of the aggression that Bride is known for as well as some ballads similar to "I Miss The Rain". The line-up for this CD was:

Dale Thompson - Vocals
Troy Thompson - Guitars
Jerry McBroom - Drums
Lawrence Bishop - Bass

"Oddities" marks yet another musical change for Bride. While much of the album is still heavy and aggressive, Bride dives more into melody and dynamics than they have in the past. Putting 13 songs on the recording allowed Bride to be more diverse with the music and lyrics. Tony Palacios, from Guardian, added a second guitar to "Oddities" which helped expedite the recording process as well as add another dimension to the guitar sound of Bride. There were also more background vocals added throughout this recording than any of the previous Bride albums.
Produced by Dino and John Elefante and Bride.


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Nov 19, 2014 04:37:04 PM
A little better than "The Jesus Experience", but still miles away from Bride at their best. "Why won't he break" is a great hard rock song! I also quite like "I aint comming down", "Under The Blood" and "Die a Little Bit Every Day". Still, it's probably one of Bride's 3 weakest albums.

3 stars.

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