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Angry Einsteins / Cracked by X-Sinner

In 1996, Rex, Rob, and Greg decided to do a more mainstream project, which they called the "Angry Einsteins". They named themselves such because they considered themselves mad scientists in the studio, creating music as they went along with no deadline. Until now, the album has never seen the light of day. Although maturing since their two land mark releases as "X-sinner, Rex Scott's unmistakable vocals resonate throughout this disc, as does the thunderous signature guitar sound of Greg Bishop. Injecting a much higher dose of creativity then on their previous releases, this is a high quality commercial hard rock album - an X-sinner specialty!" -Retroactive Records


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#1Always Be There
#2Silver Lining
#3Down For You
#4You From The Start
#5The Letter (Pardon Me)
#6Fun, Fun, Fun
#7Look In The Mirror
#8In Your Eyes
#9Hearts That Never Beat
#10Prophet And The Cowboy
#11Going Around In Circles
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