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The Road Less Travelled by Six Feet Deep

Originally released on February 25, 1997, on REX Records, this has been reissued on Retroactive Records in 2005.


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Apathetic ()

lifeless, empty, stagnant, stillborn,
hollow, frozen, listless, calloused.

associate me with a cause, but it's so much more than that.
I try to reach out through it, but no one can see past
what you've scarred, twisted, raped, and exploited.

bloodless, hateful, broken, complacent.

all thing to all men, not most things to some, yet you remain so introverted
you created your own religion, and it leaves me so isolated.
time has passed but brought no change, apathy alone, the final remains.
frustration is all I can feel.

you serve the god that best serves you
no conviction or desire for the truth.
can't you see the path you've beaten, so broad, so crooked
your whitewashed heart is full of dead men's bones.

lifeless, empty, stagnant, malevolent.

do your veins still pulse with life or does your blood flow slow and cold
called to be the salt and the light but all I see is bitter darkness...
darkness that can be felt.

Copyright 1997 Six Feet Deep

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