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End of the Age (COMPILATION) by Bride

"End Of The Age" is a best of CD which combines Bride's first three albums and two new songs ("Everybody Knows My Name" and "Same Ol' Sinner"). Pure Metal Records was sold to Star Song Music Group and a compilation is a quick way to recoup money since most of the songs have already been recorded. Star Song contracted Bride to record the two new songs as an incentive for Bride fans to buy the album. They had little other interest in the band and was not interested in signing Bride to a recording contract. Things changed once the album was released. The new song, "Everybody Knows My Name", went to #1 on the Christian Metal charts and stayed there for 14 weeks. Likewise, when "Same Ol' Sinner" was released, it stayed at #1 for 8 weeks. Star Song became interested very quick. Bride signed a three album deal with Star Song with their first of three albums to be put out on the new and revised Pure Metal label. This album was also released on the secular label 214 Records with no changes. The new Bride sound had changed from heavy metal to hard rock and they had changed the lineup once again to help with the new direction:

Dale Thompson - Vocals
Troy Thompson - Guitars
Jerry McBroom - Drums
Rick Foley - Bass


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May 2, 2014 07:12:04 PM
Worth having for "Everybody Knows My Name" and "Same Ol' Sinner"
Nov 19, 2014 12:41:13 PM
As zoe777 pointed out, it's worth having just for the two new songs. I really like this compilation. Although they left out som great songs, the ones they chose are top notch. Especially enjoyed the remastered sound, all the songs has really good quality on this one, even the ones from "Show No Mercy".

4 stars for solid compilation and two great new songs.

Everybody Knows My Name (4:22)

Everybody Knows My Name
Everybody Wants The Fame
Everybody Wants To See
Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me
Everybody Wants The Fun
Everybody Sees The Gun
Everybody Be So Kind
Still Got My Piece Of Mind
Everybody Knows My Name
Everybody Can You Feel My Pain

I Was Born A Poor Boy
Left Home When I Was Four
Momma Never Named Me So
I Was Never For Sure
I Learned To Read Enough
To Know Life Wasn't So Kind
All I Own Is My Guitar
And My Piece Of mind

Everybody Knows My Name
Everybody Play The Game
Everybody Wants The Fame
Everybody Knows My Name

I Went Out Into The World
To Find My Place In Life
I'm Learning More,
Everyday Surving Really Bites
They Ask Me For A Line Of Coke,
Needles, Knives And Guns
I Said To Myself I Think I Found A Home
'Cause This Place Sounds like Fun

I've Seen Holyrollers, Midnight Strollers,
Cops Shake With Fear
I've Seen High Heels Clickin,
Red Lipstick, Blood, Sweat And Tears
I've Read About A Man
Who Died For Everybody's Sins
If You Want To Make A Change
You Got To Put Your Faith In Him
I've Seen The Limelight In New York City
I've Seen The Rainbow In Hollywood
I've Walked The Streets Of London England
The Streets Of Gold Look So Good

I've Voted For Their Politions
I've Seen All The Dirty Religions
I Wore Their Three Piece Suits
But I Did Not Wear Their Army Boots
I Didn't Fire The Guns Of War
Never Knew What We Were Fighting For
Everybody Wants The Fame
Everybody Knows My Name

Copyright 1990 Bride

#1Everybody Knows My Name4:22
#2Hell No3:49
#3Hot Down South3:07
#4Forever Darkness3:40
#6Same Ol' Sinner4:07
#7Thunder In The City5:51
#8Fire And Brimstone4:25
#9Evil That Men Do3:38
#10All Hallows Eve5:12
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