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Sorrow by Xaitopia

From their Bandcamp page:

The fourth release from Xaitopia. We approached this EP a little different than previous releases and came to conclusion that this format suited our raw and horrible sound. We wanted to do something new and different and maybe go for a happier, more pop-oriented sound, but it didn’t suit Xaitopia and would sound to polished and good. So, we did what we like to do in the studio and started tracking. Sometimes we went with the first take because that’s what we like to do (or maybe it was because we wanted it to sound raw, natural, unprofessional and bad, again like we enjoy it). We were blown away by the result and decided this is it! 2 tracks that sounds raw, distorted, headache inducing, hearing fatiguing and horrible (we tried making it worse but maybe we’ll achieve better result in the future). Feel free to listen to the EP. Do not forget to not enjoy the tracks (we “really” tried our best to make them sound as we wanted). However, the delightful lyrics comes from our deep cold, painful, winter hearts.
released August 15, 2019

Produced by Xaitopia
Music and lyrics by Xaitopia
Mixed and mastered by EZK
Album cover art and design by ToxiQBlue Studios


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#1Agonizing Point6:02
#2War of the Soul3:34
has lyrics

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